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built-in ovens

Since ovens are large and resource-hungry they are usually only found in RVs, schoolies, some truck campers, etc. They are only rarely found in cargo vans and class B RVs.

solar ovens

Solar ovens are popular with boondockers in sunny areas because they require no power to operate. All they take is sun and time (both of which the boondocker may have in abundance).

Typical temperatures for commercial models are in the 250F range with a max of 300F. There are also plans online for DIY solar ovens like the $5 oven.

stovetop ovens

The Omnia oven is the most popular stovetop oven.

folding ovens

images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com_images_i_51u6ds1urnl._ac_us218_.jpg A folding oven is a stamped metal box that folds flat for storage and unfolds into a box for stovetop baking. The most famous example is the Coleman folding oven.

Most types have a built-in thermometer and rely on stove output to regulate temperature. Because of their small size and light weight it can be difficult to keep an even temperature; lower flames are easiest to adjust.


Although they are not actually ovens, dutch ovens and crockpots can be used for some kinds of baking.

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