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Words of wisdom: “….the solar oven is a very good mimic of a crock pot slow cooker” - Bob Wells1)

Solar ovens

Solar ovens are devices that concentrate and retain heat from the sun to cook foods. They can also used to reheat or to disinfect water. The ovens may have integral cooking containers2) but more commonly a black pot is placed into the oven.


  • free!
  • “Low and slow”3) techiques adapted from crockpot recipes may be useful.
  • cooking outside prevents heating interior of vehicle during warm weather


  • requires good sun
  • wind can blow the cooker around
  • wind will wick off heat from open designs
  • can be bulky - look for foldable/collapsible designs


Major design styles include:

  • box - a box with reflectors
  • bag - like a box, only made from flexible matrial like neoprene with mylar lining
  • funnel - a rough parabolic shape
  • thermal tube - horizontal clear tubes into which food is placed


The acronym CARD describes what is necessary for solar cooking:4)

  • Collection (reflectors)
  • Attraction (black pots or painted oven bottom)
  • Retention (“greenhouse” enclosure or insulated box walls with cover)
  • Duration - time in the oven

One might add S for Sunshine.

commercial ovens

Commercial ovens tend to be expensive. See also DIY overns below.

DIY ovens

further reading

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