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Cooking for oneself is a great way to save resources and therefore spend less money.

Some folks set up on a tailgate or on little table at the rear of the vehicle under the open hatch, or with the rear door open and blocking view/wind. At parks stoves can be set in a bbq grill or on a concrete picnic table.

For folks looking to save more on food expenses, there are cheap but tasty approaches.




Plates and eating utensils

Cooking with excess solar/alternator power, including crock pots.


There are a couple main issues: water conservation and workspace.

  • focus on single-pot meals so only one pot is dirty. Eat out of the pot.
  • “deglaze” (add small amounts of water, broth, wine, etc) the hot pan to get as much flavor into your dish as possible1)
  • either clean ASAP (oatmeal and other stuff that dries on) or soak

Scrambled eggs are notoriously difficult to get off pans. Some techniques:

  • don't eat scrambled eggs :-) consider poaching or hardboiling eggs to minimze cleanup
  • heat the pan, then add a bit of oil and allow to heat. Spread evenly, cook.
  • after cooking, scrape off what you can with a flat wooden implement, then put a small amount of water (doesn't have to be potable) back into the pan and bring to a boil. Simmer or allow to soak. Scrape again.


Since carrying measuring cups and spoons can be unwieldy in a vehicle, 'dwellers may want to measure their ingredients by weight.

learning to cook

* YT search on learning to cook

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