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Resource: the difference between residence, domicile, and mailing address.

Legal domicile

A domicile is

  • where your drivers and concealed carry licences are issued
  • where you can be registered to vote
  • where your vehicles are titled
  • where you pay state income tax, if any
  • used to calculate base sales tax for online or mail order transactions

Note: the county of your residence can affect vehicle inspections, what you pay for registration, auto and health insurance, etc.


State Income Tax1) Sales Tax2) Veh. inspections3) handgun carry4),5) Residency Veh. insurance rate
Alaska None None None Unrestricted. Shall issue.
Arizona 4.54% max6) 5.60% None. Some emission testing. Unrestricted. Shall issue.
Florida None 6.00%.

Florida charges 6% sales tax on vehicle registrations and has inter-state tax reciprocity.7)
None Shall issue.
Montana 6.90% max. MT taxes social security payments. None None Shall issue.
Nevada None 6.85%

Nevada does not collect sales taxes on private party vehicle sales.8)

Vehicles registered in Urban areas in Clark county (Las Vegas) and Washoe county (Reno) require emission testing.9)
Shall issue.
New Hampshire None. Int&Dividends 5.00% no Annual Shall issue.
New Mexico 4.90% max 5.13% None. Some emission testing. Shall issue.
South Dakota None 4.00%

The state excise tax paid on new registrations for vehicles is 4%.10) Local sales tax does not apply to
sales of motor vehicles.11)

Some SD counties charge a nominal “wheel tax” when registering vehicles.12) 2012 figures showed a range from $0/wheel to $4/wheel.13)
None Shall issue regular and “enhanced” permits. Some reciprocity limitations.14) 1 night required.
Tennesee None. Int&Dividends 6.00% 7.00% None. Some emission testing. Shall issue.
Texas None 6.25%

Texas charges 6.25% state sales tax on vehicle registrations.15) Private sale taxes will be based on the Standard Presumptive Value.

Some counties in Texas require emission testing during annual inspection:17)

Houston-Galveston-Brazoria Program Area: Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, and Montgomery Counties

Dallas-Fort Worth Program Area: Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Johnson, Kaufman, Parker, Rockwall, and Tarrant Counties

Austin Area: Travis and Williamson Counties

El Paso Area: El Paso County
Shall issue.
Washington None

Washington has an estate tax.18)
6.50% None. Some emission testing. Shall issue.
Wyoming None 4.00% None Unrestricted. Shall issue.
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