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This is not legal advice.

Residence, domicile, and mailing address

There are several related concepts that are simple for homedwellers but more complex for nomads: Your legal residence (aka physical address) is the place you would call home if you lived there full time. It is important that all your contacts know that you do not receive mail at this address1); you receive mail at your mailing address below. Choose carefully: your legal residence will appear on your drivers license and other formal documents. And the county or city of your legal residence can have emissions testing and mail order sales tax implications.

Your domicile is the state where the legal residence is. Your domicile state will issue your drivers licence. Domicile can have income tax, mail order sales tax, and voting implications.2)

Domicile is a combination of two factors namely, residence and intent to remain… An individual may have several residences whereas; s/he will have only one domicile. Domicile is more used in reference to personal rights, duties and obligations[ii].3)

Your mailing address is the place your mail should be sent. This is usually a mail forwarding service for most nomads.

making the decision

Approaching these choices methodically will keep mistakes and distress to a minimum. If your sticks-and-bricks address was acceptable from a domicile/residence point of view it is probably best to keep them. You already have official ID, etc. Mail forwarding can be anywhere.

  1. Pick your domicile state first. Common criteria: income tax, health insurance, auto registration costs, auto insurance costs, auto inspection requirements, sales tax, absentee voting.
  2. Then pick your legal residence. Commmon criteria: local sales tax4), emissions testing in particular metro areas.
  3. Then pick a mail forwarder. Common criteria: same state as domicile, pricing, reputation, etc.

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unless the person who lives there is your de facto mail forwarder
will apply to mail order purchases
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