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Living out of the van

There are two main philosophies to vandwelling:

  • living out of the van, as if it were a camping tent one sleeps in
  • living in the van, as if it were a tiny apartment

living out of the van

This approach basically spends as little time in the van as possible. One might sleep, bathe and use the toilet in the van (for privacy) but otherwise life is lived outdoors whether in city or country. Cooking is outdoors (or restaurants), hobbies are outdoors.


  • house power systems can be minimal since the 'dweller unlikely to be running a bunch of electronics
  • the van can be low-roof, a mini-cargo, mommy van, etc. This can cost less in initial price, maintenance, insurance, and fuel.
  • the build can be minimal - cot and sleeping bag.
  • parking and stealthing in urban areas much easier


  • bring a tent - you can sleep in it or unload stuff to make more room in the van
  • make or buy an awning to make some shade. Shadecloth works particularly well.


living in the van

This approach is more common for digital nomads who need a functioning office space.


  • standing room may be easier for elder or injured 'dwellers
  • can cook indoors in bad weather
  • ventilation and heating can be easier in larger spaces (room for fans and heaters)
  • less chance of cabin fever, as the interior can be set up for comfortable living
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