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Ford Transit Connect

The Transit Connect (TC) is minicargo, and unrelated to the larger Transit. In the U.S. market the TC has two generations:

  1. 2010-2013. 2L I4 gas engine, 4spd trans. Sometimes preferred because all 1st gens in N.A. were high roof models.
  2. 2014-present. 2.5LI4 or 1.6L EcoBoost.

known issues



alternator charging

The TC appears to have either a 150A or “Heavy Duty” 220A or 230A alt; this rating is written on the alt and may be noted on the window sticker.1) Aftermarket alts are available with up to 270A ratings.

See this post on routing the wiring through the firewall.

Ecoboost-equipped models may have smart alternators.2)

further reading

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