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Cargo van

A cargo van is a commercial vehicle with an unfinished interior and no windows. They are frequently white as it is a common fleet color.

The most common cargo vans on the used market are the Ford E-series, Chevrolet Express / GMC Savanna and older G-series, and the Dodge B-series (Ram) van. Nissan makes an NV van. Astro/Safari mid-size vans have a cult following.

In 2001 Mercedes introduced the Sprinter, a high roof Eurovan. It was also badged as the Dodge Sprinter and Freightliner Sprinter.

Since 2014 additional Eurovans like the Ford Transit and RAM Promaster (Fiat Ducato) have come on the market, along with their smaller stablemates the Transit Connect, Promaster City (Fiat Doblo), Nissan NV200, and Chevrolet City Express. The Dodge Ram Van was discontinued in 2003.1)

suitability for van living

Some people prefer the cargo van RV platform as the unfinished interior is a “blank slate” when compared to a passenger van or conversion van. The owner can build in wiring, insulation, paneling, etc to suit their preferences.

pro and con

  • PRO
    • blank slate for a build
    • widely available on the used market
    • nondescript for stealth camping
    • available in extended length for maximum “house” area
  • CON
    • commercial vehicles often see very hard use
    • frequently have high miles
    • Slightly stigmatized as the “creepy white van”.


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