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"Self-contained" RVs

Some camping areas, notably LTVAs, require RVs to be “self-contained.” This example is from the BLM supplementary rules for LTVAs:

Self-contained camping units must have a permanent, affixed waste water holding tank of 10-gallon minimum capacity. BLM does not consider port-a-potty systems, systems that utilize portable holding tanks, or permanent holding tanks of less than 10-gallon capacity, to be self-contained.1)

Other requirements may be:

  • separate gray and black tanks
  • exterior gate valve for dumping tank[s]

Exceptions may be:

  1. campsites near a vault toilet or restroom2)
  2. composting toilet in lieu (loo!) of black tank, ranger's discretion

Sometimes “self-contained” also means something like “livable space” for purposes of qualifying as an RV. In this case it can also involve:

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