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House power

House power (coach power, leisure power) is the camper's 12v electrical system that is separate from the vehicle's own chassis power or 110v shore power.

It is common for house power to be drawn from deep-cycle batteries which are recharged by solar, shore power converters, generator, or chassis alternator.

Note: some have reported success using AGM SLA deep cycle batteries as a unified starter/house battery, due to the AGM's ability to put out large amounts of current.1)

12v really isn't 12v

Nominal (ie, what we call) 12v is very rarely a measurable 12v. Under lab conditions it is more like 12.6v in rested/charged lead-acid systems.

But a battery bank in a van is rarely at rest; it is both under load and being charged. When charging, the entire system (including charge controller LOAD output) is at the same voltage at all points.

Actual voltage can range from:

  • HIGH
  • 15v or higher – equalization mode
  • ~14.8v – Vabs (absorption mode voltage)
  • ~13.2v – Vfloat (float/maintenance mode)
  • ~12.1v – Low Voltage Disconnect at 50% Depth of Discharge
  • 10.5v – dead
  • LOW
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