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RV electrical power

“It is easier and much less expensive to use less electricity than it is to create and store gobs of it.” – Sternwake

Access and use of electrical power is crucial to RVers, whether plugged into RV park hookups or boondocking off-grid.

shore power

Shore power is 110v AC from the grid. This term is borrowed from the marine world where boats would be hooked to grid power when docked.1)

Shore power feeds the converter and any 110v circuits in the RV. High amp draw appliances like electrical heating and air conditioning are only practical on shore power.

House batteries vs starting batteries

RVs usually have more than one battery; these are divided up into starting and house batteries. Starting batteries are what is used to start a motorhome or towing vehicle engine. House batteries power the living area.

An inverter can be used to turn 12v DC into 110v AC.

solar power

Solar power uses Photovoltaic (PV) panels and a charge controller to charge batteries.

dual-battery (alternator charged) power

Dual-battery systems use the alternator to charge both the house and starter battery. An isolator or solenoid is used to keep the house from depleting the starter battery.

wind power

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