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RV and vandwelling glossary

This is a list of terms, abbreviations, and acronyms found on the wiki and forums more generally. Also see this more general RV-related list at Good Sam.


  • A - Amps (amperes). A measure of electrical current.
  • AH or Ah - Amp-hour. Example: 2.5A x 2 hours = 5Ah.
    • Note that Ah is voltage-dependent: 5Ah at 12v is 60Wh, while 5A at 24v = 120Wh. For this reason, Wh may be a more “portable” specification.
    • the capacity of deep cycle batteries is traditionally given in Ah. Example: a 100Ah battery will provide 100Ah from 100% to 0% DoD at a ~5A draw (C/20).


  • BM - battery monitor
  • BTU - British Thermal Units, a measurement of heat.




  • endAmps - the amount manufacturer-specified amount of measured current in Amps that signals the end of the Absorption stage of charging.



  • GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: maximum weight the vehicle can carry
  • GCWR - Gross Combined Weight Rating: maximum towable weight
  • GAWR - Gross Axle Weight Rating: maximum weight each axle can carry


  • Imp - current (I) the panel puts out at Vmp. Vmp X Imp = Pmax
  • IRL - in real life; in practical terms
  • Isc - max current (I) the panel can output. This occurs when the panel wires are short circuited.


  • LFP - LiFePO4 lithium batteries



  • normally closed (NC) - a relay where the unpowered (default) condition is closed, i.e. relayed circuit is complete and electricity can flow
  • normally open (NO) - a relay where the unpowered (default) condition is open, i.e. relayed circuit is broken and electricity cannot flow


  • Pmax - maximum power the panel can output
  • PT - part time (ie, lives in a vehicle part time)
  • PV - “photovoltaic”, ie solar panel
  • PWM - Pulsed Width Modulation, a type of charge controller



  • TLA - three letter acronym =)
    • Alternately, “Three Letter Agency”, aka the fun police (FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, etc)
  • Toad - a second vehicle which is towed
  • TT - travel trailer
  • TV - tow vehicle, usually a pickup truck


  • Vabs - Voltage setpoint for the Absorption stage of charging.
  • Vfloat - Voltage setpoint for the Float stage of charging.
  • Vmp - Voltage at which a solar panel produces maximum power under present conditions.
  • Voc - Maximum Voltage the solar panel can output. This occurs in an open circuit condition1)
  • VSR - Voltage Sensing Regulator, a smart kind of battery isolator


  • Wh - Watt-hours. Example: 32w x 3 hours = 96Wh. Like Ah, but not voltage-dependent.
  • WM - walmart
like when you measure the bare leads of the panel with a multimeter
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