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“Pack as if you're going out for only a week during the summer. Then add what you'd need if you were going out for only a week in winter. That should pretty much cover everything.” –MrNoodly1)
“I can't be prepared for everything I can possibly imagine, so I prepare for things that are most likely to happen.” – MrNoodly2)

Hitting the road: a checklist



laying the groundwork

This section includes items that take a long time to do and/or that are beneficial to you whether or not you eventually hit the road.

  • boondockplan.files.wordpress.com_2017_03_ppt_card_new.jpgrenew or apply for a passport. Having a passport makes getting a Real ID drivers license, etc, simpler. If your passport has expired, don't let it go more than 15 years from issuance for easiest renewal.3) The passport card (seen at right) may be a good choice for some folks.4) There are reports that getting a passport may be easier while you still have a sticks and bricks residence.5)
  • obtain originals or certified copies of birth certificate and other critical documents
  • move check/savings/whatever to a bank or credit union that will meet your future needs. Services to consider: free ATM withdrawals nationwide,6) usable website.
  • shred unnecessary documents, save critical originals, and scan the rest.

one year out

  • decide if you are going to buy a camper, build one out of a cargo van, or use something you already own.
  • if you are buying/building a camper: do the research, find a good one, buy it, and start your build (if required).
  • stress-test your camper with short outings
  • choose a domicile state. If you already live in a nomad-friendly state like Texas, South Dakota, or Florida, consider keeping it. Establish residency if you pick another state.
  • decide on an address of your legal residence.
  • research mail forwarders to find one that meets your criteria. It may be simpler to choose one in your domicile state.
  • make general plans on where you would like to travel (or stay) in the first year of your RV life.

one month out

This section includes items that are best done while you still are in a physical residence.

  • set up the account with your chosen mail forwarder
  • start giving everyone our mailing address, letting them know you do not receive mail at your residence.
  • If you want a P.O. Box get it before you move into your camper. USPS requires a mailing address to get a P.O. Box7)
  • refill any prescriptions, get copies of medical records
  • set termination dates for utilities, cable, etc.
  • make specific plans about your first route or destination. Many new nomads travel widely8) in their first year, then move more methodically after that. Remember to limit driving to safe and relaxed intervals. The 3-30 rule is a common one: travel no more than 330 miles or after 3:30pm on any given day.

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