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Information for Van Dwellers and Nomads

This wiki will help you live your best life if you want (or need) to live in a vehicle.

  • Learn what to expect from “the van life”
  • Learn how to choose and modify a vehicle to fit your unique needs
  • Find tips for a great experience in an unconventional home
  • Dig deeper for lots of ideas to incorporate into your own vehicle
  • Read about common mistakes to avoid

FAQ for Beginners

Start here for a quick intro to life on the road. (The next section gets into more detail, or use the search box to find specific information. Check out acronyms we use if you run into an unfamiliar one.)

If you need to quickly move into a vehicle for financial or other reasons (homeless, etc.) start with this emergency quick start.



What will it be like?

The Vehicle

Van Life in Detail

Check the site map for a list of all pages.

Since this site is a wiki, you can help us make it better! Learn how to become an editor.

The Vehicle

Building Out Your Vehicle

Living the Good Life

Further reading


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